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Year-end Meeting 2023

At the final annual meeting of the SeRANIS project at UniBw M, the entire project team visited 13 different laboratory units of the satellite mission.

VDE Position Paper – New Space Communications

“NeSC – New Space Communications” from the VDE ITG: In this publication, experts show the characteristics and technical boundary conditions of NeSC systems.

Putting the first section of the 5G research network on the campus of the Universität der Bundeswehr München into operation.

Shortly before Christmas 2022, the hardware and software components for the campus’ own 5G research network were delivered.

Winner of the SeRANISxfounders Challenge “Hitchhiker’s Guide to Orbit” announced

The best innovation ideas have been awarded with a ticket to space!

SeRANIS at the International Astronautical Congress 2022

During the IAC 22 in Paris the SeRANIS team represented the research mission at one of the most important new space conferences.

How SeRANIS is expanding 6G into space as a research hub.

Through the SeRANIS mission, 6G can be brought into the third dimension.

Starlink for the Bundeswehr: A good idea? The system was put through its paces at FZ Space

The use of Starlink in the Bundeswehr has been considered and discussed for some time.