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SeRANIS at the International Astronautical Congress 2022

Concentrated SeRANIS power at the 73rd  International Astronautical Congress 2022 in Paris, France

During the IAC 22 in Paris. Florian Möller, Alexander Schmidt, Colum Walter, Mohd Bilal, Adonees Semaan, Artur Kinzel, Rishi Jaiswal and Maren Hülsmann presented their research and represented the SeRANIS-Mission at one of the most important new space conferences.

Networking with colleagues from all over the world was an essential feature of IAC 2022, which created an extremely positive and lively atmosphere.

The group had an incredible exciting, educational and inspiring week in Paris and the opportunity to connect and exchange with leading space agencies and industrial partners.

If you want to know more about their research read the abstracts here:

Overview of the AI-based Fault Management Concept onboard the UniBw M SeRANIS Mission:

Design and Development of a dedicated LEO satellite payload for detection and localization of earth bounded GNSS interference sources:

Seamless Radio Access Network for Internet of Space (SeRANIS): New Space Mission for Research, Development, and In-Orbit Demonstration of Cutting-Edge Technologies:

Comparison of Data Processing Methods for GNSS Reflectometry:

Laser-induced Fluorescence Measurements for the Characterization of the Capacitively Coupled RF-Plasma Thruster C-STAR:

Product Assurance for Small Satellites in Responsive Space with Modular Payload and COTS-Platform:

Initial validation of a closed loop filter and controller approach for active stabilization of thermomechanical distortions:

Experiment Setup for an Airborne GNSS-Reflectometry Experiment:


NPS & SeRANIS – First steps towards Shared Use of the MC3 network

As a Recurring Visiting Professor, Andreas Knopp once again attended the Space Systems Academic Group of the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in California.

CDR Review confirms: “SeRANIS shows a promising path to establishing a Space Innovation Hub in Germany”

During this event, the team was able to demonstrate their innovative and sustainable design to a high-caliber panel of experts from the Bundeswehr and space research.

The future of connectivity: B5G/6G demonstrator from SeRANIS at the WSA

SeRANIS PhD students present a B5G/6G demonstrator that heralds the future of wireless communication.

Starlink for the Bundeswehr: A good idea? The system was put through its paces at FZ Space

June 2022: The use of Starlink in the Bundeswehr has been considered and discussed…

Israeli Consul General visits UniBw M

June 20, 2022: Israeli Consul General Carmela Shamir visited the Universität der Bundeswehr München…

High-ranking visitor at FZ SPACE of UniBw M – Commander of the Bundeswehr Space Command gets information about the SeRANIS mission

July 2022: Major General Michael Traut – Commander of the Bundeswehr Space Command –…