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Unsere Mission

Excellent space research on the small satellite of the Universität der Bundeswehr München

Seamless Radio Access Networks for Internet of Space is the first and only small satellite mission in the world to provide a publicly accessible multifunctional experimental laboratory in orbit.

On our satellite, more than ten innovative and complex experiments are being carried out at the same time with key and future technologies. These technologies include sixth-generation (6G) mobile communications systems, laser communication, Internet of Things (IoT), to name just a few – pioneering work at its best! The platform is thus very different from the considerably smaller “CubeSats” used in other research projects, which serve as technological showpieces for individual experiments.

With this top-level research project, we would like to expand our national and international leadership in the field of science. The creation of an interdisciplinary Space Innovation Hub forms the interface between science, industry, the Bundeswehr, and society because the platform is mainly intended as a demonstrator for interested users who wish to learn about the possible uses and performance characteristics of new technologies.


6G Research Hub

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Internet of things (IOT)

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Modern satellite structures

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Information security

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Earth observation

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Electric propulsion systems

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The satellite will serve as a real research laboratory in low earth orbit, thus enabling a new form of cooperation between science and civilian society whose main focus is on mutual learning in an experimental environment. In future, researchers from all disciplines relevant to digitalization will be able to connect to the platform.


SeRANIS stands for cutting-edge research in space

"As the Bundeswehr’s Space Innovation Hub and a scientific platform, we are making a fundamental contribution to Germany’s digital sovereignty."

In the words of mission director Prof. Dr. Andreas Knopp, “As the Bundeswehr’s Space Innovation Hub and a scientific platform, we are making a fundamental contribution to Germany’s digital sovereignty.”

SeRANIS is funded by the federal government and is part of the Bundeswehr Centre for Digitalization and Technology Research (, which, on behalf of the federal government, strategically bundles university research in several key and future technologies and seeks to establish new research cooperation projects with science, economy, administration and society.

Within this framework, the SPACE Research Center and the Munich Center of Space Communications at the Universität der Bundeswehr München have, together, received a grant to conduct small satellite missions.

Space research is a strategic pillar at the university, which has been regarded for decades as one of the leading addresses in space technology and greatly appreciates the funding it has been granted.