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First SeRANIS experiments to be launched into orbit in 2024

Neubiberg, Feb 13, 2024: Even before its own planned mission with ATHENE 1, SeRANIS is proving its maturity by sending four experiments into space on OroraTech’s CubeSat.

The cooperation between SeRANIS and OroraTech is indeed unusual, as partnerships between the Bundeswehr and startups are rare. SeRANIS has set itself the goal of specifically integrating and promoting young companies in its mission. This was demonstrated, among other things, by the startup challenge “Hitchhiking into orbit” in 2022, in which startups from all over Germany presented their concepts to a top-class jury and could win a free flight. In addition, the most promising concepts received support from SeRANIS in the form of intensive coaching by SeRANIS experts and the Founders startup center.

In order to enable research in space even before the launch of ATHENE 1, we are planning to put the first four experiments into orbit much earlier. These will be carried out in collaboration with the Munich-based startup OroraTech – the contracts have already been signed. OroraTech impressed us with its coherent overall concept and was awarded the contract. The young company specializes in the satellite-based detection of forest fires and already has its own technology in orbit. Now the startup is focusing on its own platform. SeRANIS is part of the maiden flight.

SeRANIS x OroraTech

SeRANIS is a key project of, the Center for Digitalization and Technology Research of the Bundeswehr, and stands for innovative dual-use research in space. plays an essential role in the strategic initiatives of the BMVg for digital sovereignty and is part of one of the largest economic stimulus packages of the EU (NextGenerationEU), which has led to its inclusion in the German Recovery and Resilience Plan (DARP). This plan includes specific measures and investments in the areas of climate protection, energy transition and new digital technologies.

OroraTech, a spin-off from the Technical University of Munich, began as a student project about five years ago. Today, the startup focuses on CubeSats in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and offers a satellite platform for in-orbit demonstrations where instruments and specific experiments can be tested. Working with renowned partners such as SeRANIS gives the startup the opportunity to be part of a cutting-edge project.

The partnership between SeRANIS and OroraTech, which brings together satellite developers and scientists, opens up a wide range of opportunities and underlines the dual-use approach. This is an important step in the development of technological sovereignty. SeRANIS looks forward to working with OroraTech both on the Earth and in space.


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